• Artishe


    June 25, 2014 by Artishe

    This blog post will be about the cats of Punchy Fan base wiki. Comment below who you think are good for that cat. Also, please be nice and include at least 2 people. I don't want 70 comments saying "I WANNA BE ROSIE". After 1 month if I will get at least 20 comments I will count the votes and say who won in another blog post. If you win, your username will be included in every "My experiences with..." page. For example, if you win the role of Tangy, your username will be on My experiences with Tangy and Moe.

    Ankha (snooty)                        Purrl (snooty)

    Bob (lazy)                                Rosie (peppy)

    Felicity (peppy)                        Rudy (jock)

    Kabuki (cranky)                       Stinky (jock)

    Katt (uchi)                …

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