Tangy and Moe are the only two cat characters I have ever met in Animal Crossing. In fact, they are the only feline characters I've ever met in Animal Crossing period. Here is my experience with the two.


City Folk was my first Animal Crossing game. One of my villagers that eventually moved in was Tangy. I instantly understood the pun in her name as she looked like a tangerine to me. She didn't do much, but she did do, well... some stuff. One time she told me, she ate some pounds of Pear Mousse. I mistook what she said as Pear "Mouse", but it didn't sound wrong or anything because I knew she was a cat. During the Flea Market, she had all this stuff in her house, and she wouldn't sell a thing to me. Nothing! I'm like, really? Eventually, she moved away.


My next Animal Crossing game after City Folk was Wild World one of my first Villagers was Moe. I became best freinds with him. He would always want to talk to me and often gave me items, and I mean he often just gave me items for no reason, but they were very useful. He even asked me to find fish for him or even challenge me to find a certain fish before him. This was very fitting to me, since he was a cat and they like fish. I even got his picture. I was somewhat devestated that day I booted the game back up after not playing it for a while, only to see that Moe was gone and moved away.